About Us

Combat Survival Idaho is recognized as one of the best in the industry

Best Martial Arts
in Boise

Rick Ransom, Owner of Combat Survival Idaho has traveled the world to learn from the best in what they do and has made it his mission to share his knowledge to the same standard as his mentors passed on to him.

The Facility

The 30,000 sq ft facility is like no other.  It includes:

  • A replica 2-story house used for home invasion
  • Vehicles used for car jacking scenarios
  • A tactical room with movable walls to create numerous obstacles
  • A life size bank for active shooter training.
  • A full mat area. From boxing to judo we learn from multiple disciplines
  • And a multi-punching bag station

This is much more than a gym. It’s a one stop shop to survival town….Evolution or Extinction?