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Upcoming Events

Commando Krav Maga Level 1 Course

February 6th – March 6th

Designed to make you well-rounded in self defense in a short period of time and prepare you for the most viscious attacks. All levels of experience, shape, or size welcome.

Class will go every Tuesday from 7-9 PM for a total of 5 classes: Chokes, Guns, Knives, Strikes, and Ground Survival.
Included are Monday and Wednesday night group practice 7-9 pm.

Cost $225

Women’s Smartsafe Course

Saturday Feb 17th 10am-1pm

Valentine’s Day Special – $50 per female. Each paid participant can bring their significant other at NO CHARGE.

The overall goal of the CKM Smart-Safe course is women to walk away with a basic understanding of their situational awareness and how that effects their safety. As well as the techniques to improve their situational awareness and to defend against a variety of attacks.

This workshop is taught in 3 one-hour segments.

1) Home Invasion utilizing our replica 2-story home
2) Abduction involving wrist grabs, bear hugs, and takedown defense.
3) Vehicle Defense utilizing our training vehicles for gun and knife holdups.